How can I edit the submission I already made?

Please withdraw the current submission and Submit it afresh.

How long will it take for my Work to be published?

Content in A Billion Stories is reviewed by editors before publication. It usually takes about 2 weeks for a reviewer to take a look and come to a decision. If there are errors or edits, it can take more time. The Work can also be returned to you for resubmission after the suggested corrections are made. To help with faster decision making, ensure you have followed the Submission Guidelines. Based on such issues and other editorial issues, it could take longer. However, we have noticed that once you are familiar with the process, it is quick. Your first time, could hence be a longer wait, but the experience of having it published is very satisfying.

If it is a drawing/painting/cartoon/annular art, a clear high quality image, preferably using a scanner is good enough.

Do you accept translations?

Yes. Translations from English to native languages are encouraged. And we encourage you to submit your Work in multiple languages for wider readership.

How do I type in my language?

We recommend you install the latest version of Baraha desktop or IME if you are serious about publishing your work on A Billion Stories.

In case you need installation-as-a-service please contact: +91-8072458263.

Can I submit the drawings of my child?

Yes you can. As the guardian of your child, you can register yourself first. At the time of submission mention the Name of your child. You can add in any comments you wish for the editors to know. You can also submit poems/stories that your child might have thought up. Ensure to add the domain abillionstories.com to your email contacts so that our emails do not land in your SPAM folder.

My submission was not accepted for publication. Why?

Sorry to hear that. We reserve our right to give no reason for the non-acceptance. There can be many reasons for this. Please follow our Submission Guidelines to avoid rejections. The most common reason for this is when:

What about the copyright to my Work?

When you submit your work to A Billion Stories, you grant us the right to copy (copyright) the content to our servers for hosting and distribution through our channels. Would it make sense otherwise! We act in your best interest, so you are still free to submit the same work to other publishers. However, by submitting to A Billion Stories you indemnify us of any copyright infringement of other publishers in perpetuity from the date you submitted to us.

My Work is already published elsewhere. Can I still submit it to A Billion Stories?

Yes. When you do, please select the option of "Already Published Work". By doing so, you are indicating that you have the full legal authority to allow us to re-publish your Work.

If you still have doubts, book a consultation with 9036218432 (WhatsApp/Signal only).

I am a cartoonist. Can I submit cartoons?

Yes you can. Please ensure you follow our Submission Guidelines.

I run a magazine/newspaper. Can I submit an article?

Yes you can. Our channels are a great way to build your reader base. We look forward to a fruitful engagement. However, the content must fit our policies. We do not accept News, but literary articles in native languages are encouraged. The article you submit can also link back to your magazine website. We appreciate back links to our site as well. Please contact editor@abillionstories.com as a payment may be required and certain technological and legal requirements may apply. "Images/Clippings" of text articles are not accepted.

I have authored a book. Can I submit a book excerpt?

Yes you can. However, the content must fit our policies.  "Images/Clippings" of text are not accepted. The excerpt must be complete in itself. We can also host a protected PDF of your entire book on our systems. Please contact editor@abillionstories.com as a payment may be required and certain technological requirements may apply.

You are doing good work. How can I support you?

Thank you for the appreciation. Our work is supported by kind and generous people like you. We have put together the different ways you can support our work HERE.