About Us

A Billion Stories provides you an easy-to-use modern platform to become known as a respected author of recognized literary works. All submissions are peer reviewed to maintain the quality of publications. Once an article is published you can use the links as a reference to quote in other articles.

We encourage you to write in your own language. You can submit your work in any Indian language. You do not need to be an established writer to submit your work to A Billion Stories. We would be delighted to see your work published.

Not just poems, but also stories (long and short), cartoons, children's paintings and drawings, quotes, folklore, mantras with their meanings, science articles, history articles and so on. If you think it is worth publishing, it most probably is. Our experts take a look at every submission.

A Billion Stories has readers from across the world. Be sure to go through our Submission Guidelines and then Submit Your Work. And yes, do take a look at our Terms and Conditions.