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Once you have a seed, you can grow a tree. But where does the seed comes from? The tree? This question has been asked from the beginning of man. So the same question applies to where did the idea of A Billion Stories originate. The answer may be difficult to comprehend and at the same time, simple.

A Billion Stories was born with the birth of man. It existing this long and now it finds an expression, it manifests itself in the virtual world of the internet. The soul which was always existing has found a body to manifest, a body which is yet to be born to face the wide wide world - has been seeded in the womb of the world wide web. It is a seed which seeks nourishment from your thoughts. The thoughts you could possibly express in a language. It challenges you to express more in the language of your thought. The thought could form a story - short or long, a poem if you are so impatient to let the thought express itself as a story, or just a quote if the meaning is deeper than any language can express. It does not matter whether you are a great author or an unknown one. What matters is the expression of your thoughts in the language it appeared in your mind - every such expressed thought has the capability to bring a revolution. A Billion Stories - the revolution begins.

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The Gwalior fort has been witness to more than A Billion Stories.

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The Indian Railways is a place where more than A Billion Stories are knit.

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