India is a land of Genius. There are so many here that we just do not know how many live and die before us - who have accomplished so much in one life that one cannot achieve in the next ten. That is also probably why we do not seem to recognize the good, sometimes even brilliant work done by our peers, our friends, our elders, our children...

A Billion Stories is an attempt to recognize the genius who have been long forgotten, the genius who have been just lost, the genius in people who are around us in our everyday life, the genius who is within us trying to make itself heard, the genius which sparkles even if sometimes, the genius which in a single stroke of brilliance puts us in a league above others.

The people here are hand-picked, not well known (not as well known as they should have been), but have contributed or are contributing greatly to Indian Literature in its myriad forms. 

If you know anybody who is contributing or has contributed to Indian Language literature by his/her work, please email us at We are not very well funded but we will see how we can help.
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