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जाड्यं ह्रीमाति गण्यते व्रतरुचौ दम्भः शुचौ कैतवं
शूरे निर्घुणता मुनौ विमतिता दैन्यं प्रियालापिनि ।
तेजस्विन्यवलित्पता मुखरता वक्तर्यशक्तिः स्थिरे
तत्को नाम गुणो भवेत्स गुणिनां यो दुर्जनैर्नाङ्कितः ॥

Dullness is attributed to a modest man;
hypocrisy to one who has a liking for religious observances;
roguery to one who leads a life of sanctity;
cruelty to a warrior;
want of discrimination to one devoted to meditation;
meanness to one who speaks agreeably;
arrogance to a spirited man;
garrulity to an orator; and imbecility to a steady man.
What virtue is there then that is not stigmatised by the wicked?
-It does not matter

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