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परुषमपि गुरूणां बुद्धिबोधार्थमुक्तं
वचनमनुसरन्याति शिष्यो महत्त्वम्।
खनितलगतरत्नं श्रेष्ठमप्यत्र शाणो-
त्कषणमधिगतं तद्भाति मौलौ नृपाणाम्।

A disciple attains prominence by carrying out the orders of his preceptors, given with the intention of illuminating his intellect- however harsh they might be. Even though a a gem found in a mine might be precious, it needs to undergo the rigors of a grindstone, before it adorns the crown of monarchs.

-It Does Not Matter

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