दैवेन ते हतधियो... (Who are weak?) -Wise Old Men

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I ॐ श्रीगुरुभ्यो नमः।
I वन्दे संस्कृतमातरम् I

दैवेन ते हतधियो भवतः प्रसंगात्
सर्वाशुभोपशमनाद्वि मुखेन्द्रिया ये।
कुर्वन्ति कामसुखलेशलवाय दीना
लोभाभिभूतमनसोऽकुशलानि शश्वत् ॥

daiven te hatadhiyo bhavatah prasangaat,
savashubhopashamanadvi mukhendriya ye.
kurvanti kAmsukhaleshalavAya,
lobhAbhi bhootamanasO kushalAni shashravt.

English Translation:
Who are weak?
Those whose mind gets corrupted easily
(perhaps due to influence of fate).
Those who lose faith in the almighty (who can set right everything)
and go the other way.
Those who get greedy even for a small portion of
material pleasures.
Those who will always do the wrong thing.
They are the people who are really weak.


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