Trust Heals -bhatsunils

posted Feb 7, 2013, 5:10 AM by A Billion Stories
The other day I went to a medical shop to buy tablets which costed me 11 Rupees. I had only one ten rupee note and rest were of higher denomination. I gave 10 rupee to the shop keeper. He asked me to give me one rupee. I told him that I do not have change as the rest were hundred rupee notes. The shop keeper took back two tablets from the string and gave me the rest! This made me think - Don't people trust people for one rupee? The shopkeeper was not wrong. Business is Business, but there must be trust too. If one does not believe the other for one rupee, then where are we heading?

In another episode, I was returning from a official tour and had severe headache due to blockage of Sinus. I went to a medical store and asked for "sinarest". Two tablets cost 6 rupees. I did not have the change and gave a 100 Rupee note. The shop keeper told "It is ok, give me the money next time you come. Please have your tablets as you appear to have severe headache". The shopkeeper gave me water too. Humanity still exists.

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