The Save Button -RajArya

posted Feb 20, 2013, 12:14 AM by A Billion Stories
My neighbour's kid came towards me. I could see the excitement on his face. He said to me 'Look! What I found'. It was a floppy disk in his hand. His father who was reading the newspaper looked at the disk and said 'I thought these things were burnt down with the Titanic!' and winked at me. For a moment I was confused and said the Titanic was not burnt down, it sank!

Turning to the kid I asked 'Do you know what this thing is?' pointing to the floppy disk in his hand. He said
'My grandma says it is a gadget used by secret agents as in Dr Rajkumar/Bond films. My mother says it is like a pen-drive which is used to store data in office'.

I smiled at him and asked what he thought about it.

He said 'It is the Save button of my father's laptop'. I laughed my heart out and said 'Look friend, your father should start watching movies, while your grandma should stop watching them'. I thought of explaining about the floppy disk but then realized that if I would, then the whole excitement of finding the Save button would disappear. I just enjoyed the moment.

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