The Mango, the Lion and the Monkeys -Ira

posted Sep 13, 2019, 4:29 PM by A Billion Stories
There was once a monkey in the forest. He ate banana and mango. He had a friend monkey who also ate banana and mango.

There was a lion too, who came to meet the monkeys and saw them eating bananas and mangoes.

The lion said to the monkeys that he also wants to eat bananas and mangoes. But the monkeys laughed on him. Seeing this, the lion took some bananas and mangoes and ran away to his cave to eat them. The lion was very happy eating the delicious bananas and mangoes and said I will always eat bananas and mangoes.

The monkeys thought, what a foolish lion he is. But slowly, all animals looked at the lion and were very happy that he was not killing anyone anymore. Other animals also started following the lion and stopped killing other animals. And all animals lived in the forest without fearing each other anymore.

There was happiness all around.

-As narrated by Ira, Senior Kindergarten, August 2019, Mississauga, Canada


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