The Lonely Yashoda -RajArya

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Last night a small talk made me wonder how we have lost our listening skills.

I live in a rented home. Our landlady(Yashoda) is in her early 70's. She is pretty rich. She has two children, a Daughter-in-law and a Grandson. Everybody is well settled with their life. Son works as a manager in MNC, Daughter is a dentist, Daughter-in-law is a cardiologist and the Grandson is a rank holder in his school. From a third person's view the family looks rich and happy. One might conclude that Yashoda is lucky to have such a family which keeps her happy.

But, is she really?

All in the family are busy with their daily activities. The son goes in the morning and comes back late at night. The daughter-in-law works in a hospital in shifts. The daughter stays with her in-laws and often visits our landlady's home. The grandson is in school till evening and then attends tuitions. On holidays, everybody is so tired that they have very little time paying attention to each other.

Yashoda is old and weak, she needs to take rest and regular medicines. She spends most of her time alone reading mythology, chanting mantras and watching movies. She has seen a lot in her life but in old age she is helpless and lonely since no one is near her. She has a few concerns, worries, insecurities but she has no one to talk to. She has everybody still she has nobody. She has all the wealth but of no use.

Last night I had a small chat with her. She wanted to tell something but she did not have the courage. I noticed that glitch on her face and asked if there something that was bothering her. She looked at me and said "Nobody listens to me. I want to spend few minutes talking to someone. I want to say how I feel. I want to tell so many things. Most of my life is spent in talking but I never had a real conversation".

I realized how lone she was. I spent the next few hours only listening to her. I could see the satisfaction on her face.

So why am I saying this to you? Well it is simple. Most of the time we make ourselves so busy that we start ignoring people close to us. We do not give them enough attention. We do not listen or try to have a conversation which ultimately makes someone dear to us feel lonely.

How many of us talk to parents or with our buddies regularly? We get so caught up in our work that we forget about people close to us. This is what exactly happened to Yashoda. She cannot bring this up with her family. Nobody does. It is us who should understand.

After all if we do not listen to each other then who will? Why is a family for? Just to live together?


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