The God of War -बे. हरेकृष्ण आचार्य

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In the year 16 A.G., (2014 AD), man decided to inhabit another planet.

There was a lot of preparation required. After relentless effort and great teamwork between the divided nations, he set foot on Mars. Because of their very nature, the Martians as they started calling themselves were far more technologically advanced than those that still inhabited Earth.

As time progressed, the technological gap increased and earthlings started looking primitive to the Martians in just 60 Martian years - which was more than a 100 years on earth. The average Martian would jeer at earthlings while an earthling would look in awe at a Martian. While an earthling's color would be black or white, the Martian had a red skin tone which was considered far superior.

In a 100 Martian years, many stadia were built in Mars to witness how Black and White earthlings fought each other with their primitive weapon - the AK-47. Many black and white earthlings were brought to Mars to be used as labor. The ones who refused or resisted were skinned alive - the skins adorning many an average Martian home. Many rich Martian kids would scoot off over the holidays to earth for a hunting expedition. The hunted would never be shot, but just hooked up into orbit using the skyhook letting the vacuum suck out the air and life from the earthling - this they said preserved the skin while the bones could be used for sculpting Martian landscapes. The even richer Martian kids would use the dredger to raise to orbit thousands of earthlings in a single catch.

There seemed no end to the misery of earth - till a huge comet was discovered that would hit Mars in a catastrophic impact. The Martians knew that there was no chance of their survival considering the thin Martian atmosphere which offered no protection at all from even small asteroids - which explained why they always lived under the Martian surface inside tunnels. And also there was no technology yet to annihilate or deviate the path of the huge comet.

Their only bet was peace with Earth. They they could, coercion would not do any good as they needed the virus shots to regain lost immunity on Earth - and that would only be made available if they go in peace. For the sake of millions of Martian lives, they made amends with Earth.

The Martians were sheltered on Earth while Mars recuperated from the heavenly catastrophe. While the Martians returned to Mars within 10 Earth years, there was enduring peace across the solar system. The comet was then named Aravind - after a great Earth Philosopher who had used his yogic strengths to further human unity many Earth decades before Google (B.G.).

-बे. हरेकृष्ण आचार्य

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