The Auditor -हरेकृष्ण आचार्य

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He was a Government Auditor by profession. He had four children and suffered from Asthma. Retirement gave him the choice of settling in a place with dry and hot weather to keep his ailment in control.

Never an idler, he took up maintaining the piggy bank monthly deposit accounts of the poor people around him who knew no accounting, at the local post office. For the meager commission he got from the post office, the work involved in maintaining so many accounts was huge, time-consuming, painstaking and required 100% accuracy. But then, he was an Auditor.

To speed up the work, he used the typewriter. He would still save time, even though he used to use only two fingers to type and perhaps one thumb for the space bar. Still, the typing would go on till midnight if not more. And with accounts, as you may know, one needs to be "timely" too apart from being accurate. For commuting between home and post office, he would use the 24-inch Hero cycle, which was well, the only bicycle model sold in those days.

Even with all this, he would be very happy when his grandchildren together with his children would come to visit him during their holidays. It would be a rare occasion when all his four children with grandchildren would create a cacophony in his house. The elders playing scrabble, the little ones playing carrom-board.

The constant worry about accounting and his wife no more, at 77, he was struck with paralysis of the left part of the body. The heart was spared though.

With the help of his son, Ayurveda, and a strong will, he recovered in 6 years - almost completely. So much was his enthusiasm, that he showed off lifting a 3 kg brick with his left hand to his eldest grandson who had to forcibly take away the brick from him lest it fall on his own foot. In this time however, he had to give away his practice of maintaining piggy-bank monthly accounts for others, to another person - a thing which was forced by his son when he found that he was still working on the accounts even after promising to take rest.

After the recovery, with his practice given away, his attention was grabbed by the long earrings worn by the women in television serials. Even though he claimed a weak eyesight, he could still see the earrings on television! He hence gifted each of his sons and one grandson, Rs. 5000/- from his own savings for them to buy long gold ear-hangings for his daughters-in-law. "It should be gold", he used to say. That perhaps was the last of his savings.

And sometimes, when he wished to see his out-stationed sons, he would feign bad health, send telegrams to them for their quick arrival, and when they reached home to see him, expecting the worse, lo and behold! he would be in the best of health. He loved the cacophony that followed.

On 12th February 2006, he left this worldly world at the age of 88 as a common man.
-हरेकृष्ण आचार्य

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