No Blood -Harekrishna

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"Is there any blood?". He joked with the nurse who was printing the ultrasound report of his heart. The nurse did not understand the question or the import of it - said, "Your heart is beating fine". A few seconds later she smiled as she understood that the patient on the stretcher whose ultrasound report she printed was joking. It was evident that she was not used to patients' joking with her.

The patient on the stretcher was moved back to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) where the doctors were waiting to take a good look at his ultrasound report - or so I thought at that moment.

Later on in the day, he complained to the visitors who came to see him that the constant needling to get more blood for the daily blood tests was painful. They used to try multiple times since blood would not be found in the veins. But, after that single statement he never complained of it again. The next day he had recovered well from his gastroenteritis and doctors planned to shift him out of the ICU the next day and they did.

A few hours later he complained of breathlessness and was shifted back to the ICU - this time for heart trouble.

The blood pressure was erratic, they tried to stabilise, blood oxygen was dropping, they put the ventilator, when his heart started sinking, they tried their best to revive - or so I thought. But then, when the time comes, things do not go your way - it was not his day to make it.

The doctor said the blood went into a "hypercoagulative" state - medical jargon for "No Blood".


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