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I am happy to swim you through my pool of dreams – the dream of every man; the dream of realizing the eternity in the whips of being a Man. A man, who assumes a divine in his soul and a devil in action, swims to get to a place where nobody has gone. A place that everything happens right the first time is the dream that I wanted to share with you. So, I welcome you all on-board – The Indian Dream Cruise, the journey on the pool of dreams.

I have heard that when Lord Krishna was born in the world, the entire world celebrated. So did happen to me, I peeked to see the world when Kapil Dev carried home the first world cup – crackers, sweets and chocolates entered a new benchmark sales figure. It looked as if Bharath celebrates my birth. People say that too many good things happen in quick succession. I believed that happened to India.

I was 5 when my mom used to say that I am Lord Krishna. ”Ek! Me & Krishna,” said me thinking that she was crazy. Anyways after all I am her tiny little boy. “Yes, my boy, You share the same star with Lord Krishna. You share the birth day as that of Him and you are dark as he is”, said my Mom. I felt she is crazy but I loved the way she portrayed me.

I was 10 when I first realized that I am Lord Krishna. I wasn’t sophisticated, smart, good looking and I didn’t have a mobile phone, But, girls were always around me. I had no reasons to attract girls except that I had the star of Lord Krishna. I started to believe that I was Lord Krishna. I even tried lifting the hill near my house with my little finger but ended up lifting only a small stone.

I was 15 and I dreamt a lot. I wanted to be a driver. I wanted to be a scientist. I wanted to be an astronaut. I wanted to be a strict police man. I wanted to be a pilot. But I realized that I won’t be able to realize all. So I decided to realize my mom’s dream. She wanted me to be a first ranker in my class. So I decided to work to get the first rank. But it was not easy as it looks. The girl next door buries her head inside the book all the time. The bi-focal spectacle of power 10 that she wears could tell how much a geek she is. This was a mammoth task and I was determined to get there.

I had planned to join French to get an edge in language, to get a quick lead. So I joined the French class couple of bus-stops away. My teacher was as old as the oldest tortoise on earth but still she had a beautiful teenage maid to assist her. I know I forgot to learn French because I wasn’t learning it in the class. So my scores were in single digits. Since, I knew I am Lord Krishna, I was entrusted with the power to change. So I manipulated the French scores to get the lead and got the First First Rank. My mom was happy. My friends were happy. Even the girl next door was happy for me. But I wasn’t.

Finally exams neared, I had never studied French. Since, I had a streak of all first rank the whole year, my mom expected me to top the exams. Five days before the exams when all my friends were reading – Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics – while I was loudly saying “Comment allez-vous?”. Seeing this, my mom who had brought a cup of coffee said, “Here is my boy, He has finished all subjects and now reading language”. I felt like telling all my mischief to my mom. But I know I am lord Krishna and wanted to show that I can still do whatever I like.

Final exams came. Though I slipped her expectation in the total scores, I managed to score 197/200. I know I am Lord Krishna.

Few years passed, the college days were dramatic and never did I feel that I was lord Krishna until the campus interviews were scheduled. I had a fabulous one hour session of answering questions. When I opened the doors of the room where the interview was held, I realized that I am lord Krishna. Tens and hundreds of my class mates surrounded me for postmortem of the interview. I boosted the morale of my classmates with one of my good old speeches on "motivation" and many turned out to be my colleagues in a few days.

In this whimsical materialistic world, many a times we put ourselves in a situation where with sheer determination we do a miraculous job. Each of us is Lord Krishna. But the selfish deterministic buoyant actions rarely end in happiness. As I had realized that to get to the real happiness, the soul and the action should be divine. If we were to be this Lord Krishna, the World would be heaven over night. I leave you here in ‘The Indian Dream Cruise’. I am going to jump into the pool of dreams. I have decided to change the World with a divine soul and action. I hope I will meet you in this pool of dreams sometime. Determination Triumphs.

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