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Want me to talk? -B.Devadas Acharya Thu Jul 25 2013 22:53:32 GMT-0700 (PDT)

posted Jul 25, 2013, 10:53 PM by A Billion Stories
Want me to talk?

Hey! It seems, many of you
Have felt, I am not talking!
What nonsense, my friends?!
I always feel I’m engaged
In a talk with your mind,
Right when you think of me!
More so, when you are reading
One of my forgotten junkies!

When, you still believe, surely
There might be a clue in it,
To yet an unknown avenue
Of our infinite ignorance!
Precisely there, my friend,
My mind connects surely
With yours, right through
That secret conduit to your
Thought Space, and I race,
To meet you all and talk
With pure passion to know!

To share your yearning mind
To know more, to munch,
To learn from you, all that
I am yet to learn and know!
When we meet physically,
Anywhere on this planet,
Believe me, and let me walk
Alongside you, and I promise,
Together, we could explore
Newer avenues of exploring
How much we don’t know!

If that’s what ‘research’ is,
Walk with me in all modes,
Giggling, smiling, gasping,
Even in silence if it has to be,
Anytime, anywhere, catch me!

And even assuming
you cannot catch me,
What you need to do,
is to catch my thought.
The moment you do,
The moment you know,
What you did not know.
The moment you say 'Ah!'
The moment you smiled.
On that new theorem, that new Lemma.
I will come, I will talk.
But, I will not need to talk!
I would have transcended into
your Thought Space.
Lighting the next path.
Would you then still,

Want me to Talk?
-B.Devadas Acharya

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