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The Lazy Bug -देवसुत Fri Dec 28 2012 18:06:57 GMT-0800 (PST)

posted Dec 28, 2012, 6:06 PM by A Billion Stories
I am a lazy bug,
I really don't want to work,
but I want a large pay,
just to hang my feet and sway.

All the world should focus on me,
still not find anything about me.
The audio, the video should be about me,
still should hide the things bad about me.

Swaying feet is not bad I say,
but people perceive it that way.
Over this I should get paid,
tell me O' Friend, how that is? Say.

You think it is easy, but it is not.
The first thing is to be sleazy, then lie a lot.
Make them hear, what they want.
Later on, do what you want.

Beg them for votes, touch their feet.
Get into the bungalow of 100,000 square feet.
Then you can be lazy and sway your feet.
For the money, you can increase the fee.

Ignore the objections, enjoy your time.
Increase your own pay, forget the whine.
Get together with your own kind.
You will need them in due time.

Keep out those who have merit.
Reserve for those who sway their feet.
Its important to have more of your own kind.
You will need them in due time.

Forget the voters, they are just sheep.
Fleece them as much as they reap.
Tax them and Toll them lawfully.
Fleece them by bribe unlawfully.

Tax them for your own pay.
Tax them more to further increase your pay.
Toll them in the name of roads.
Toll them more in the name of good roads.

Snatch their lands and make SEZs.
Ensure you own some SEZs.
Make the SEZ a tax heaven. Keep it simple.
Don't make yourself pay tax to yourself.

Create a mirage, show them good movies.
Get them to spend their emotion, in the talkies.
Important it is to spend their emotion.
Against you then, they will be drained and take no action.

For those who don't go to the movies,
keep the newspapers handy and ready.
Important it is to spend their emotion.
Against you then, they will be drained and take no action.

For those who keep the focus on you,
blast a bomb, kill a few.
With the dailies and the movies in action,
keep diverting their attention.

If they are still able to come near you,
either to talk or even to whisper,
have a few words of solace,
to keep them out and away from your palace.

For the ones who recognize,
you are not worth a paisa,
keep the police ready,
with the danda.

The same police which is "for the people",
use them against, say "law and order".
Book the cases, true and false,
if the police die, its the people.

Ensure the police keep a cordon,
not for people, but your own barn.
All this as it keeps ensuing,
keep the tax and the toll inflowing.

Outside the cordon, use your kind.
The ones you select and appoint.
Identify those who rose against you.
Kill or rape should not matter to you.

You are the law and its protector.
Change it to suit your purpose.
Lawful or unlawful does not apply to you.
Enjoy the seat, the palace, Ensure the tax for your pay.

For people there is "law and order".
For you yourself, you are the law and the order.
Keep the power, make no bone.
They cannot really burn you, in your own home.

Do this for four years and in the fifth,
give them some tit-bits.
Make them beg you for more.
For those who beg, throw just a little bit more.

Make it a problem where there is none,
in the fifth year though,
make the problem disappear.
Then claim the success in the dailies and the movies.

Make them beg you more and more, any which way.
For beggars cannot be choosers anyway.
Kick them when they beg, they need no respect.
This way you ensure your own respect.

A people that cannot rise to protect their own,
and stay divided on caste, religion, sex or color tone,
deserve to be ruled over like this.
In your rise to power and pelf, consider this.

Thank you O' Friend.
How can I ignore such good advice given?
But you forget - I am just a common man.
In my deep self,
I am not capable of sleaze and lies,
I am not capable of rape and murder.
But I do realize, from your advice,
that I actually need to kill in me,
only the lazy bug!
And since I asked for it and you obliged,
thank you really for your advice.

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