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Tears -Belmannu Devadas Acharya

posted Feb 1, 2015, 3:28 AM by A Billion Stories
Tears, like rivers
Have flown from
Times unknown
With so many fluxes
That even rivers
failed to attain.

Both joy and sorrows
Flood thro’ tears
Stranding the heart
Once in fiddling on
Moments of life
Once in utter plight.

There are slender
Streams of tears too
From the loving
Tender hearts.
These streams are warm
For, they come out of glowing love.

Precious to History
Some drops of tears are,
Like those of Nero, For,
They form the Oasis in the vast
and brutal desert of cruelty
Where goodness is the prime mirage !

Some are shed on graves
Some for treasoned ones
Some are shed for money
And some for deception
To achieve material gain
And the glorious Empires are blown !

But rarely there have been
The tears that shaped
The happy moments of life
Catalysing the change
Of turbid mind into
Transparent crystalline time !

-B.D. Acharya : 17.9.1968

-Belmannu Devadas Acharya

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Submitted by: Belmannu Devadas Acharya
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