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Season of Love -Krish

posted Sep 28, 2011, 5:25 AM by A Billion Stories
Love is constant, no matter what the season.
It's that beautiful emotion, which has no explanation or reason.
For, as times change and people too,
Love stays forever true.

May be that's the reason why,
there always will be season of the heart.
And someone will always be there,
to play the harp.

And the entwined strings will always say,
Whatever the season, I'll love you all the way.

To the matters of the heart, you should always be true,
Beware of it, if you catch the flu.
Never should you let love die,
Cos' one day, it will definitely take you to the sky.

Love is a sweet pain,
Feel it as it comes.
cos' when no one seems to care
Love will be the only one.

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