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Passing Cloud -Priya Bhargav Sun Jun 10 2012 19:06:16 GMT-0700 (PDT)

posted Jun 10, 2012, 7:06 PM by A Billion Stories
I too had a space.
By a couple’s love and God’s grace.

Silence was never my surname
Which now freaks to be with my blood again.

I never thought to be a pretty princess
But for being someone’s mistress.

The "Urge to be Pretty" fits its place in the nightmares making sleepless.
Am I building up dreams for life?
Or being a passing cloud for the past smiles?

Past tears were the property of injured skinny legs.
Healing fixed the pain that never remain
Present tears needn’t justify reason.. They just go on and on.
They don’t fill the era’s dew dawn..
Doesn’t allow moving on..
Am I fighting my tears for teens?? Youth?? or for life??
Or being a passing cloud for the past smiles?

Am I lucky to get the love I loved for?
Or destined to suffer mutually, hurting each other?
Does it confides the understanding weak?
Or as per elder’s horo’s mismatch?
Am I being a torture for my love?
Or being a passing cloud for his past smiles.
-Priya Bhargav

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