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Moments! -Devapriya

posted Oct 27, 2011, 12:42 AM by A Billion Stories
How precious!
How fleeting!
Like bubbles,
They sprout!
Like sapphire,
They gleam,
And sparkle!
Wistfully, I gaze,
Wondering, would
They reflect,
Exotic hue!
Would they,
Ever wobble,
Quiver or dance?
For ever,
Over and on...
Yet, I shudder,
At a shadowy
Spooky corner,
A pulsating
Awry thought,
Uneasy doubt,
Loitering in
My heart...
Would they
Rise or burst?
There I see,
All too soon,
They pop up,
And be gone!
Never to hop,
Back as ever,
Looking aside,
As though,
A rule ordained!
Free from all,
Amid variety,
Without trace,
Of thinly pain!
Yet, of course,
Come again!
Oh! But lo!
Another bubble,
Flashing all
Afresh, as if
There was none!
With glitter,
Yet unknown!
I muse, ah!
Once again,
And, stealthily,
It goes by too!
Yours ever,

-- Devapriya


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