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Letter to a Daughter -Devapriya

posted Aug 26, 2011, 7:27 AM by A Billion Stories
My dear Daughter,

I forgot taking with me
My Resource Diabetic tin
I forgot asking Satya
Whether I had to pay
Both way taxi fares
I forgot asking the
Taxi driver to give
The taxi fare bill
Even after he had signed it!
I don' think the taxi driver
Forgot to hand over the bill!
I some how forgot
That particular day
To ask the name of the driver,
Which I normally do otherwise!

Hence, do not forget
To get the cash bill
From the Taxi Agency,
Which had already charged
From Satya its share
Of the payment due!

Second, do not forget
To take the 'Resource
Diabetic' tin to your brothers'
Home, whenever you go,
Or do not forget on your part
To hand it over to him,
Along with the taxi bill,
Whenever he comes
To your sweet home!

Lastly, do not ever forget
To plant a kiss on your daughters'
Plumpy lumpy cheeks
With my name chanted
In her ears sweetly as ever!
And, of course, do not ever
Forget to remind to your heart,
As also to your sweet heart's,
That I love you all so much
That mere words fail to convey!

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