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Leave Me Be -RajArya Wed Jul 31 2013 17:02:12 GMT-0700 (PDT)

posted Jul 31, 2013, 5:02 PM by A Billion Stories
I wanted a toy
sparkling and expensive to buy
but the wish was denied
even after I cried

saddened and frustated
and wanted no one to see
when she asked for reason
I said - leave me be

then few years later
I saw a bike
I urged to get one
then again wish was denied

saddened and frustated
and wanted no one to see
when she asked for reason
I said - leave me be

Had a girl in life
Wished her to be my wife
Never thought it would be for real
Sure the wish would seal

Still had to be done in name of love
I bought her in front of mom's eyes
as sure as I was,
the wish was denied

Saddened and frustated
and spoke to none
When she asked for reason
I gave one -
Why are u against me?
What wrong have i done?
She smiled at me and said
Oh! My Child, its none.

You will get it right
one day she said
then I had to leave her
and move on ahead.

I was on my own
there was something I aspired to become
with my wings wide open
thought it was the smartest thing I have done

Little did I realise
the denials were bliss
Then I saw the life
and I realised this

The toy was useless
The bike had risk
Gal would be a mistake
Mom had forseen all this

Ignorant I had become
with the attitude I had
now I see it clear
time to make up for that.

Call her all night all day long.
Found out she was buried under stone.
Looked up and I asked why,
all I could see was dark black sky.

There came a gust of breeze
Told me that she is still
loving me from above, but
something was unsettling, said my gut.

They says truth hurts, but
there was more than that I see
How she must have felt?
when I had said - leave me be.


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