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Heaven Or Hell? -Krish

posted Sep 28, 2011, 5:25 AM by A Billion Stories
He who has,
was never existent.
The wants of man,
For a bread and cent.
The world is round
And so is life,
For pound and ground
We're torn in strife.
The cycle of life,
The cycle of death,
Heaven or Hell?
The girl on the bed.
The mind starts to think,
The pros and the cons,
We end up being
A bunch of pawns.
The want is high,
The desire is true,
Our life's book
Destiny drew.
Heaven or Hell?
The question remains,
Demons at work
dance of dames.
The last wink,
The life rolls,
The brain aches,
The freed soul.
Heaven or Hell?
No one knows.
Souls struggles,
People boast.
Heaven or Hell?
The soul's journey.
The book of life,
The useless money.
Heaven or Hell?
The Soul decides,
Here on Earth
Both reside.

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