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Goddess of Knowledge -B.Devadas Acharya Thu Jul 25 2013 22:51:25 GMT-0700 (PDT)

posted Jul 25, 2013, 10:51 PM by A Billion Stories
"Goddess of Knowledge"
Who is that, my dear?
Asketh the novice.
Oh! Indians always say,
It’s none other than
The unseen ‘Saraswati’,
Adorning the ethereal,
Queen of all flowers,
The Lotus, its petals
Wide and sprawling,
Soothingly colored,
By the unknown Nature!

The mad mathematician,
Claiming it’s nothing
Other than ‘mathematics’!
If logic drives mathematics,
Whatever ‘logic’ means,
One asketh, first of all,
‘Define the term God’!
A barber once asked me,
While giving me a shave,
‘Sir, does ‘God’ exist?’
‘What makes you ask
Such a weird question?’
I asked in wonderment.
“Sir, none of my barber
Friends and foes alike
Has said ‘God came to me
For a haircut’ you see”.
He whispered, ‘Sir,
Have you seen Him?!’

I said, “‘God’ is a term
Which means to me
What all I don’t know!
That is, my ‘ignorance’.”
‘Hmmm!’ He hummed.
A reflective while
Later, he bemused me
By asking, ‘Then, “What
should be ‘Godess’, Sir?”
“It should be ‘knowledge’!”
I said. He slowed down
His shaving silently.
Oh! Suddenly, I wondered
“Goddess of knowledge”
Would simply mean
“Knowledge of knowledge”?
Is that what ‘mathematics’
Is? I still wondered!
I was lost in the world
Of my thought space soon.
What about ‘infinity’
For the meaning of ‘God’?
Then, ‘Goddess’ would be
To mean ‘finite’, you see!
Hence, what shall we
Mean by the equivalent
“Finite of knowledge” of
“Goddess of knowledge”?!
Or, is that equivalent to
‘Knowledge is finite’?
Howsoever vast it is,
Knowledge is finite,
For, we record all that
We know for posterity
To ‘understand’ and
Follow up to acquire
More of what is not
Known, you see! Oh,
So, “Goddess of knowledge”
Is to say, ‘knowledge
Is finite, and hence
That “Ignorance is God”!

And ‘ignorance’ is
Infinite indeed! Amen!
-B.Devadas Acharya

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