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Forgotten Times... -Krish

posted Sep 28, 2011, 5:25 AM by A Billion Stories
Oh! Those times,
When everything seemed beautiful
When the rainbow was shining
high in the sky,
and life was sailing as smooth
as the Titanic.

But it was not to be
cos, from the darkness
came an enemy,
who's name was Destiny.
Along our course of life
it challenged us,
and made us aware
of our goals in life.

Destiny as everyone says,
cannot be defied.
But, we can change, cos
We are the masters
of our own life.

Hope is the greatest thing
which has been given to man.
So keep hoping and you'll see
that life isn't so bad
as you are made to think.

Hope brings life and joy


Destiny Reigns
Hope Survives
in these

Forgotten Times.

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