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Curse of the Lambs -देवसुत

posted Feb 17, 2015, 6:59 AM by A Billion Stories
Dark was the silent night,
piercing chill the wind,
dim was the light
of the crescent star
that shimmered the cold sands.

If you could see,
you would see,
a thousand heads beheaded,
strewn in the sand,
some eyes closed, some only half so,
as if in meditation or perhaps
of the lives taken and the enslaved.

Death was better,
than to live in hell,
serving the black hooded knights,
who knew no knowledge,
other than to behead
and to enslave.
They had come on camels,
they had come on tanks.
The ones who stood were slain,
the ones who did not - chained.
The girls were taken,
the boys were broken.
Food was given only to use you for gain.
Of me what I can say?
My child was used for bombing.
My sister taken and sold for gain.
Queer it was.
For no man could be seen.
All were hooded.
It seemed they feared something!
For which man fights - if he is,
even to his opponent!
Which man fights - if he is,
an opponent unarmed?
Which man sells a girl
for gain?
And still stands
with head held high
even though he commands no respect,
but only shame.

A man from the east,
I had once met, had said -
that there has been on us all
a curse from the lambs.
I had asked him then,
what it was like and he had said.
"What you do to them,
shall happen to you."
is what the curse had ordained.
At that time, well...
I did not understand.

But now it dawns on me
in the chill numbing sand,
My head is one of those lambs,
that was reared with love and bred,
whose sister was sold for gain
and child was slaughtered for change.
Now is the time I understand,
as my head lay inverted
in the sand,
eyes half closed,
in contemplation...
of the
"curse of the lambs".


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Submitted by: देवसुत
Submitted on: Sun Feb 15 2015 19:56:10 GMT+0530 (IST)
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