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Burnt -देवसुत

posted Jun 30, 2019, 7:08 AM by A Billion Stories
The skin felt the heat first
but the first to burn was the hair.
First the hair behind the palms,
and then the ones on the arms,
then those on the leg
and then
the ones on the head.

Hair do not burn as if on fire.
They just shorten in length,
because of the heat.
Once the hair are gone,
the skin starts burning.
It is the skin
on the back first
because I am lying,
face up.

There is no feeling on the back
till the heat touches the bone.
That happens first
before the skin of the arms is
The heat touches the heel bone
before it touches the nail of the toe.

The muscles of the hind burn first
before the heat takes the scalp.
A few vertebra dislocate
as the joining tendons burn.

The waist goes next
and then the chest.
The organs go first
before the enclosing bones.

The eyes melt first
before the cheeks are gone.
The tongue burns first
before the skull cracks.

The heat shrinks the brain
before the knees crack.
The chest collapses
before the skull breaks.
The brain is burnt
before the last bone dislocates.

The body does not react to all this,
because it is dead.
What I write is an experience
that none can express.

It is the mind that watches
the movement of time.
It is time that passes,
not 'us' passing time.

It is the mind that told
my son to write.
I know this will give
a tear to his eye.
He stood with me
on that day,
so I stand with him
on this day,
to express what all must feel,
but none can express.
An experience of a


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