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Blue Love -B.H.Acharya

posted Oct 13, 2013, 12:38 AM by A Billion Stories   [ updated Oct 13, 2013, 12:49 AM ]
I was sixteen when I first came to know about you.
The love was not instantaneous though.
You would just sit quiet with a computer.
Never talk, never gesture.
And mostly, you were simply blue.

It was the blinking that used to catch my attention.
And my friends who used to mention.
Slowly, my interest in you rose.
To know you and play with you a bit more.
But still mostly, you were simply blue.

A year passed, and then two.
By then, I could not live without you.
Friends came and friends went.
But you had my mind totally bent.
But still mostly, you were simply blue.

As I aged, so did you.
But as I aged, I only saw more of you.
You were here and you were there.
And today you are everywhere.
But I know now, you are NOT simply blue.

Today I behold you,
in every machine that is executing you.
Today, even though I also program in Java.
I cannot live without C-ing (seeing) you.
But I really love to C you in STUNNING blue.

- B.H.Acharya (Programmer and Poet), 13-Oct-2011, 15.30 hrs.

For the meaning of "blue" refer image.
Poem written in homage to Dennis Ritchie (The creator of the C programming language)
Dennis Ritchie:

- -B.H.Acharya

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Submitted by: B.H.Acharya
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