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A Recourse -Devapriya

posted Dec 1, 2011, 4:56 AM by A Billion Stories
By the side of a window,
Amid unacquainted faces,
While wind gushes through,
Past my long, uncured, curly,
Half white and half black hair,
Sweeping the dust off the yard
Of my fleeting moments of life,
The monotonously rhyming,
Wheels of the speeding train,
Tell me stories of pranks,
And sound innocent giggles,
Of my only little sweet son,
I had left behind to be cared,
By my parents till the time,
His mom or I would come,
After our academic sojourn,
To tuck him back in our hearts,
And coalesce with our souls!

[Dated: 27.03.1980]

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