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3 Questions -Tabhu

posted Jan 10, 2021, 12:23 PM by A Billion Stories
3 questions

Polluted, the air that I see this world through,
Distorted, the sounds that I so wish to hear,
Contaminated, everything that I want to posses,
I ask then, how do I keep my heart clean?

Faded, the instances that make my memories,
Jaded, the edicts that I made for myself,
Corroded, the pillars that my belief stood upon,
I ask then, how do I keep my will strong?

Broken, the wings that gave flight to my fancy,
Stuck, the levers that buoyed my thoughts,
Empty, the tanks that fuelled my imagination,
I ask then, how do I keep my spirit soaring?

My heart may be dirty, but my feelings are clean.
My will may be weak, but my dignity shall not bend.
My spirit may be low, but my soul shall transcend.

- - - Tabhu


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Submitted by: Tabhu
Submitted on: Thu Dec 24 2020 18:17:48 GMT+0530 (IST)
Category: Original
Language: English

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