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Save Snakes -Sahana Haekrishna

posted Aug 1, 2014, 2:07 AM by A Billion Stories
Shravana Panchami , the fifth day of Shravana month of the Hindu calender, is celebrated as Naga Garuda Panchami or Nag Panchami . It is an auspicious day for the Hindus as they worship the King of snakes -the Cobra - on this day.

I have seen a lot of snakes coming around my home at my native since my childhood. Once a rat snake had come inside our house when our lady rabbit had given babies. The snake had come to eat the babies. At the right time our home maid kept the babies out of house, and the snake went out by itself, leaving everyone unharmed.

We had also made a small open aquarium in our garden. Many bull frogs had made their house inside it and many snakes also used to join them to hunt for food.

The lesson we learnt from our parents was to never harm any animal and we always felt happy when we did not harm any other creature in this world.

In the past 3-4 years, our city home also witnessed some snake visits. Once a 7-8 feet rat snake came, roamed around our portico and left by itself. Next time, a highly poisonous Viper came and slept on the wheel of my son's cycle. At night my 3 year son was about to lift the cycle when we saw it and got alert. We gave it some time and it went out slowly. Then there came a 5 feet Rat snake on a winter day. It wanted to share our house, but our 7 year old Labrador, Soumya, never allowed it to fulfill its wish. This time I had to call a snake catcher and he took the snake to a lake.

Save Snakes. Never kill them. Allow them to go out on their own when they enter your area. Call the Snake catchers or the Forest Officers - keep their numbers handy. They will help you out and the Snakes too.
Live and Let Live!

-Sahana Haekrishna

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