Language Support

A Billion Stories supports submitting articles in the following languages:
  1. Bengali
  2. Gujarati
  3. Hindi (Devanaagri)
  4. Kannada
  5. Havyaka Kannada
  6. Konkani
  7. Tulu
  8. Malayalam
  9. Marathi
  10. Oriya
  11. Punjabi (Gurmukhi)
  12. Sanskrit
  13. Tamil
  14. Telugu
  15. English
Though the website itself supports input in these languages, our editorial board currently reviews articles only in the following languages:
  1. Hindi
  2. Kannada
  3. Marathi
  4. Oriya
  5. Punjabi
  6. English
We will continue to expand our editorial board for reviewing of the remaining languages. Please visit this page to know about any updates to our editorial board. You could also subscribe to the RSS Feed on this page to follow the developments - by clicking the "Subscribe to posts" link below OR click here.