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Terms and Conditions

  • By submitting a Piece of Work to A Billion Stories, you grant A Billion Stories a perpetual, royalty-free license to use, reproduce, modify, publish, distribute, and otherwise exercise all copyright and publicity rights with respect to that information at its sole discretion, including storing it on A Billion Stories servers and incorporating it in other works in any media now known or later developed including without limitation published books. 
  • When you choose to submit your work to us, we are as free as you to promote, use, reproduce, modify, publish, distribute your work. You, the Author, are free to publish it on any other platform without our permission. We claim rights only on what we publish for you. We do not claim your rights on your own work.
  • You are solely responsible for the authenticity of the originality of the submitted piece of work. A Billion Stories cannot be held responsible for any copyright violation. In cases where copyright violation by the author is detected, the action could range from removal of the piece of work from the repositories of A Billion Stories to a limited or complete ban on the author submitting another piece of work to a Billion Stories. Any contracts that the author may have with A Billion Stories regarding anything could also come under a fair review based on the severity of the copyright violation.
  • If a piece of work is not authored/created by you, then you must categorize it appropriately - options for which are provided in every submission form. You must also give proper acknowledgements in such cases. Folklore, Ancient wisdoms, Panchatantra stories are examples of work that would fall under non-original categories which are not copyrighted - hence, you must quote the proper source when submitting such works.
  • A "Piece of Work" is defined as any story/poem/image quote/epic/cartoons/photographs/videos or any other way of representing audio or visual or both types of information that is submitted to A Billion Stories through its web interface, email, mail or any other means.
  • If content in personal blogs or self-published books is submitted to A Billion Stories by way of links - it will be assumed to be submitted for peer-review and publication. In such a case, it MAY be categorized as "Original" work by the reviewers after due diligence and research. In such cases, the copyright will rest with A Billion Stories. If the author of such work does not want the copyright to rest with A Billion Stories, it is recommended not to be submitted to ABS. The only remedy to the author, in case he wants to "unsubmit" his work is to write an email to ABS ( within 7 days of publication by ABS. ABS would do everything reasonably possible to remove the authors content from its servers within 7 days of such intimation by the author himself.
  • A Billion Stories holds no copyright over personal author blogs that are moved to A Billion Stories (ABS) by way of redirection. Any content on the personal blog is the responsibility of the author who owns the blog. However, ABS reserves the right to stop the redirection for the author's blog to ABS if it finds any content that is considered derogatory or violent or for any other reason in ABS's fair judgement.
  • ABS does not store any information including the password of the author's blog and hence it cannot be held responsible for any phishing attacks or URL hijacking of the author's personal blog. Most of these happen due to widgets running on the personal blogs which authors must take care of themselves.
  • The purpose of A Billion Stories is to promote original thoughts which get expressed in physical form through poems/stories/quotes/photos/paintings/cartoons/articles. Hence, though there is a category for "Already Published Work", the probability of ABS publishing it is very low since it depends on a number of conditions. Only when all the conditions - based on the work - are satisfied, is it accepted for publication.
  • As of now, having author blogs is a free service provided by ABS. ABS reserves the right to withdraw the service totally, or convert it to a paid service at any time without attributing any reason. For this purpose, authors are requested to submit correct and reachable contact information while applying to us at the time of moving their blog to ABS. 
  • ABS does not claim copyright over images submitted if the image source is "UNKNOWN". However, if the image/painting/cartoon is submitted with a accompanying article/poem/story/quote then the combined work is treated as original and copyright over the combined work is claimed by ABS together with the text-only portion of it.