Preferred Keypad

Go HERE and select the language from the top left drop down, type your work and copy-paste into the submission form HERE.

Trial Keypads

An offline tool needs to be downloaded to your local machine so that you can use it when not connected to the internet. Very helpful if you have intermittent internet connection or if you author works while on the go. With an offline tool you could save your file and copy-paste-submit it when you gain the internet connection to A Billion Stories. If your offline tool happens to be an IME then you can directly type in the desired language in the submit form itself.

For a list of tools that you could use, please visit this page and choose the tools that you like. We provide our inputs and recommendations on the pros and cons of a tool - but do not mandate the use of any particular tool for the purpose. You can use the tool which you find as most convenient. The only thing that has to be kept in mind is the character encoding  has to be in Unicode - otherwise we will not be able to read what you authored.

For trial keypads, click here: