Submission Guidelines

  • Please use our online keypads to type text in Indian languages. If other tools are used, ensure that the work is readable after it is copied into the submission form.
  • The text above every field in a form is provided to help you in typing the right information. Please read the text before submitting.
  • Ensure the correctness of your submission before you press the SUBMIT button. Submissions having incorrect entries are more prone to rejection.
  • For non-original work, please ensure to give proper acknowledgements. A Billion Stories will not publish a submission that is identified to be non-original without proper acknowledgments. The original author's name should be mentioned. If original author's name is not known, then "-By Unknown" should be written. In the latter case it is assumed that the submitter has done a best effort search to trace the original author of the work submitted.
  • One can submit work which is already published elsewhere. The category in this case should be selected as "Already Published Work". ABS claims no copyright over work that is already published elsewhere originally. The submitter guarantees that there are no copyright violations in case of already published work and indemnifies A Billion Stories of any liability.
  • Publishing on personal blogs or self-published books are not considered to be "Already Published Work", since it is not peer reviewed.
  • Do not submit Blog URLs. It is the content that you must submit. If interested move your blog to ABS.
  • "Ancient Wisdom" are those works that are existing in Indian Literature since time immemorial, such as the Vedas, the Upanishads, the Puranas, the Jatakas, the Hitopadesha and any other such work.
  • "Folklore" are those works which exist as legends in societal memory.
  • Ensure the correctness of category based on the above definitions. This helps us in doing a quicker review.
  • All images are to be submitted as URLs. Ensure that the URLs you submit are reachable over the internet. You can use any of the image-storing websites like Flickr or Picasa to put your images on the internet. If the image is public Flickr/Picasa will make available the URL of the image which you can use to submit in A Billion Stories.
  • Ensure that due acknowledgement to the Photographer who took the image is given in the "Photo By:" field. After your best attempts, if you do not know the photographer - mention UNKNOWN in the "Photo By:" field. It is recommended to use the photographs of your own or known persons to avoid any copyright violation. By submitting to A Billion Stories the author guarantees that he has all the rights to the submitted content and has taken due permission from others if he is using others content like photographs or cartoons or any other such published or unpublished material.

Submission Guidelines for Quotes
Quotes should be preferably ONE sentence. But not more than THREE. Any quote above 3 sentences should be submitted as a poem. For example, "दोहे" would fall in the quotes category.

Submission Guidelines for Short Stories
Short stories may fall between 30 and 3000 words, though less than 30 words is also permissible provided that it conveys the story but does not fall under the category of quotes. Quotes convey a message and not the story.

Submission Guidelines for Photo Quotes
Quotes accompanying with images/photos should be preferably ONE sentence. But not more than THREE.