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Please follow the instructions on this page carefully before submitting.


Before you Submit
1. Please register as an author and have a valid Register Number to get priority access to advanced features. You can register from HERE. If you are already an author on A Billion Stories, you might have been allotted a register number. Please retrieve your password from HERE and check your profile details from HERE and keep it updated.

2. Please ensure that you have access to the email you use here since it  will be used for all communication with you.

3. If the work is authored by multiple authors, then the "corresponding author" is the one whose details are used to submit the work to us.

4. You can submit interesting Quotes/Proverbs/ मुहावरे / ಗಾದೆಗಳು which you have come across during your conversations. A Billion Stories is about capturing the imagination of India, and proverbs have a special place in our collective imagination and culture. Mantras too fit here.

5. You can submit poems/stories which are written by older authors and are well known, provided you mention their name in the "Pen Name". Please exercise caution here as using your own name in the Pen Name text box when the work is actually of another, could be regarded as Plagiarism.

6. You can submit cartoons/drawings in PNG/JPEG format. A title is necessary, so please ensure an appropriate title.

7. Below is an example of how to fill the form. 

 Example  Guideline
 Email: amar@example.comUse the Email you constantly monitor. Please ensure this is correct. 
 Pen Name: Amar This is the name which will appear in the published article. Use your actual name if you do not wish to use a pen name.

Do NOT use all CAPITALS or all small. For example:
-AMAR - wrong
-amar - wrong
-Amar -right
Select the language of your work. If you are submitting a work which uses multiple languages, please select the language of maximum use.
 Work TypeSelect the type of work you are submitting.

A painting/drawing/cartoon must also have a title. PNG/JPEG files are allowed.

A Photo-Quote is a quote with the Photo as the context. While the photo can be uploaded in PNG/JPEG format, the quote can be in the title. If the quote is a short poem or even a story, then it is advisable to make a PDF of it.

An "Extract" is a part of a larger work. It could be a few paragraphs from a book. Please ensure that this "Extract" makes complete sense in itself. Mention the source. A simple example is Bhagavat Gita, Chapter - 1, Stanza - 1.
 CategorySelecting the right category is most essential.

Original: Do not attribute to yourself what is rightly of others. Claim as "Original" if you are the author of it. Joint works can also be claimed as "Original" provided other author names are also mentioned together with yours.

Non-original work with Acknowledgements: Use this to indicate that the work is of someone else even though you are submitting it. This could be the work of your parents / friends / relatives who are taking your help to make their work go online. Ensure that the Pen Name is their name and this category is selected. 

Folklore: This category should be selected if you are submitting work which is well known. For example, stories from the Jatakas or the Panchatantra fall in this category. Famous works which have entered the classics can also be fall in this category. For example:  गोदान (Go-daan) by Munshi Premchand also falls in this category..

Already Published Work: Select this category if it is your own work or of friends / relatives which has already been published. If it is not your own, ensure to put the other person's name in the Pen Name field and mention where it was published at the end of the work. 

Note: If you are helping others to publish  on A Billion Stories, it is a good practice to use their email instead of your own. The Pen Name, however, is required to be theirs. 

Note: If the work contains more than 1200 words, it is advisable to submit it as a PDF.
 Submission TypeFirst Submission: If you are submitting the work for the first time. This is the most generally used option.

Re-Submission: Select this if you are submitting the work again AFTER corrections were suggested by our Editorial Board. If the number of corrections were high (usually for long works), then submit a "Response to Review Report" also as a PDF giving point by point response to the corrections requested. Also mention the previous submission ID when re-submitting.

Final Submission: Select this if you are sure that all corrections as suggested are made and that this is not a draft. If it is a final submission, it is assumed that you made ALL corrections as suggested as per the last review report. The submission may get rejected if suggested corrections have not been made.
 Title: जाने क्यूँ  Do NOT use all CAPITALS or all small if using English. For other languages, use the keypad HERE to type in the corresponding script.
 Work (PDF) You can directly paste your work in the given text box
you can upload a PDF file containing your work.

Note: We accept files only in PDF format. So please ensure that you do not submit images in PNG/JPEG formats. The images should be embedded in the PDF file and formatted appropriately for us to be able to publish it.

Note: PNG/JPEG files are accepted ONLY IF the work is a cartoon / drawing.
Previous Submission IDThe previous submission ID must be quoted if this is a re-submission or a final submission. Leave it blank if this is a First Submission
Response to Review Report (PDF)If there were extensive corrections suggested, then please upload a point by point response to the report received by you. The response must contain action taken on the points raised. Whether each point was corrected and justification if not corrected. 
CommentsAdd any comments you may want to give together with this submission.