ISBN for Self Publishers in India

ISBN stands for International Standard Book Number, a unique code that can be assigned to a book.

While an ISBN is not required to publish a book, it is a good idea to get one for your book, specially if you want to sell it through standard book distribution channels. For advertising on A Billion Stories, you do not need to have an ISBN.

ISBNs are allotted to publishers. Self-published books are usually published by the authors or their relatives individually. Individual ISBNs can be allotted to the self-publishers too.

Getting an ISBN in India is free. It usually takes 60 days to get your ISBN in India. If you are publishing the same book in different languages, you need to take a different ISBN for each book. You need to send an application to Raja Rammohan Roy National Agency for ISBN. The following details should be included in the application:

  • Title of Book:
  • Author:
  • Publisher: Self-Published
  • Year of Publication:
  • Place of Publication:
  • Pages:
  • Price:
  • Subject:
  • Language:
  • Paperback or Hardback:
  • Your address for communication

You also need to enclose the following:

  • Photocopy of the cover page
  • Identification Proof
  • A self addressed envelop for return communication

Important Points:

  • Hardback/Paperback: If a book is published in hardback as well as paperback, two different ISBNs need to be taken for the same. So, be clear about which version you want the ISBN for.

The application should be sent to the following (updated) address:

Raja Rammohun Roy National Agency for ISBN
West Block-1, Wing-6, 2nd Floor,
Sector-1, R.K. Puram,
New Delhi-110066
Phone: +91-11-26172903/26172916

Before you start using ISBN, please check out all the relevant information here.

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Note: A Billion Stories is trying to come up with the service of providing ISBN to self-publishers to make it simple for you. Charges may apply. Wish us good luck.