Benefits of Advertising @ A Billion Stories

COST EFFECTIVE: Our Prices are Extremely Reasonable and Affordable. We accept credit card as well as traditional payment methods.

ONE TIME FEE: No Periodic Payments, No Hidden Charges, No Fine Print, No Pay Per Click and other Hassles to keep your book online.

PERMANENT LISTING: All Advertisements are listed online for an unlimited time for a small one time fee.

REFERRAL FEE: If you are a publisher, publicist, reviewer or a business involved in authors and books, you can earn a referral fee by introducing your authors and get their books advertised with us.

SIMPLICITY: We allow authors to have any amount of information about themselves and their books here on a permanent basis. So it is easy for authors who don't have websites of their own to promote themselves as well as publicize their books continuously.

TYPES: We accept all flavors of books like Fiction, Non-Fiction, Technical, Textbooks, etc., in the form of Traditional, Print On Demand (POD), E-books, Self published, Subsidy, Small press, etc.  However, we do not advertise books that promote pornography, hate, racism, and other religiously explosive material.

VISIBILITY: Your book gets free publicity on a continuous basis because of  our popular platform and also whenever we promote our website. The exposure of your books is more prominent compared to other non-literary sites. Basically, we reach people who are more likely to read your book.

UPDATES: We allow free minor updates later. For example, if you get a new  review for your book. Or, if there is a time bound advertisement we can remove when you inform us.